Refinery29 | Madewell's Curated Beauty Collection

Flattering jeans. Affordable leather totes. Feminine blouses. There are a lot of must-have buys that likely come to mind when you think of Madewell, the millennial-favorite clothing store that's made the post-college, effortlessly-chic, French-girl-inspired look incredibly ubiquitous.

It's the cool little sis to J.Crew, but up until this month, it lacked the one thing that would truly make it a one-stop shop: beauty. But that's all about to change, because the store is debuting its own skin care, makeup, and hair section, adorably named the Madewell Beauty Cabinet. Starting on October 23, you can fill your favorite monogrammed tote with brands like French Girl Organics, Herbivore Botanicals, and even RMS. Check out all the offerings, ahead.

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