Sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business, from our ingredients and materials to our practices and ethics. Our approach is through the lens of “simplicity.” If we can keep things simple, we’re better able to control the sustainability of it.

We take the term “clean beauty” very seriously. We base all of our product development decisions, packaging decisions, and any new initiatives on a scale of, "how useful is this? how necessary is this? how will it impact the planet?"


You’re only as good as the company you keep. It’s our mission to support and sustain our direct community with ethical and sustainable business practices. We believe in the power of the mother returning to work. We believe in giving people a chance. 

We produce everything in house and we print all of our packaging within 1/4 mile from our manufacturing facility. In addition to supporting the local economy directly, we give directly to communities and organizations on a quarterly basis. We are always looking for new ways to support the people around us and welcome any suggestions on how to do better.


No hidden agendas, no hidden chemicals, no preservatives, no bullshit.