Dry air and winter weather draws moisture away from the skin, and constant changes between indoor and outdoor temperatures can lead to dry, cracked skin making nourishing skincare extra important during the colder months.

Ingredients with natural humectants and healing fatty acids can help restore skin from the inside out, protecting the skin barrier and by reviving the appearance of dry skin.

Our Repair Set is the answer to the winter blues. Packed full of natural humectants, healing fatty acids, and mood-elevating scents, our Repair Kit restores and protects your skin whenever it needs a little TLC.

Balm Jar No. 1

For All-Over Dry Spots:

Our most versatile Balm Jar is a pure and simple blend of olive oil, shea nut oil, and beeswax. Deeply hydrating olive oil and shea butter restore and nourish damaged skin, while beeswax serves as a natural protectant strengthening the skin barrier.

Useful all over the body, this lightweight emollient balm melts into the skin, conditioning cuticles, elbows, and dry patches. It’s even been known to relieve eczema and other skin conditions exacerbated by cold, dry weather.

Hand Cream on White Background

For Dry Cracked Hands:

Formulated to nourish dry stressed-out skin, this ultra-nourishing Hand Cream has serious healing properties. A heavy blend of shea butter and natural oils soothes even the most parched areas, soaking into the skin and sealing in moisture for a silky smooth finish. Use on dry, cracked hands or on any area that needs a little extra protection.

Balm Jar No. 0

For the Sniffles:

Calming and cooling menthol aids breathing and clears nasal passages relieving sniffles and congestion brought on by winter weather in our Balm No. 0. Its refreshing scent has been known to provide relief for headaches and boost your mood. Useful all over the body, our base blend of olive oil, shea butter and beeswax nourish and restore dry skin.

We recommend applying it to your neck and chest before bed or slick it over your lips as a nighttime ritual to awake with a soft, hydrated, PYT pout.