We all know moisturizing is important to keep skin hydrated, but sometimes moisturizers can feel like a band-aid solution, working only on the surface to hydrate skin. Wouldn’t it be nice if your moisturizer did more?

Enter our ultra-nourishing Salva Face Oil. Each ingredient was carefully selected to heal, hydrate and fortify the skin from the inside out, delivering maximum results with the fewest ingredients possible.


Marula, avocado, borage, and evening primrose oil are high in Vitamin E, which helps the skin retain moisture for ultra hydration.


Loaded up with Vitamin A, C, and K, this oil is high in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that fight free radicals, protect against UV damage and promote collagen production.


High in Omega 6 and 9, this nourishing face oil smooths and softens the skin enhancing its appearance, reducing fine lines, promoting elasticity, and stimulating cellular growth.