Into the Gloss | The New “Cool Girl” Essentials

All the products below have recently been spotted out and about in the pockets of some of the most iconic people ITG knows. And they've become the New Cool Girl Essentials—or whatever you'd like to call them. Since every single person reading this is a Cool Girl, they are your latest beauty must-haves. Here are all the other reasons why:

Olio E Osso Netto Lip Balm

No, it’s not tiny deodorant. It’s lip balm, and it’s made out of five things: Shea oil, olive oil, beeswax, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. It’s the kind of lip product that lasts throughout the day, and only needs to be reapplied when it’s gone—not because it’s drying out your lips. It feels like all things minty, tingly, and eucalyptus-y. Nice! Gwenyth loves it, but that’s not why you need it.

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